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SIA “Field and Forest” in cooperation with Estonian household chemicals company “Mayeri Industries AS” introduces new innovative product – a water-soluble laundry detergent capsule containing organic essential oils.

Responding to the growing consumer demand on environmentally friendly products and services Latvian organic farming company SIA “Field and Forest” in cooperation with largest Estonian household chemicals company “Mayeri Industries AS” has developed new innovative product made from natural and locally sourced ingredients. It is a three-part laundry detergent capsule that contains of organic peppermint and pine needle essential oils. The capsules are now available in major retail chain stores in Estonia and Latvia.

During the process of product development, partner companies conducted market research, industrial research and product prototyping. As a part of the research, the most suitable medicinal and aromatic plant species were selected to meet the product and consumer expectations, protocols for the production of essential oils were developed, the chemical composition of the plants were analyzed and the research on technological aspects of the product manufacturing processes was implemented. To introduce the product to the wider audience, since November 2019, “Mayeri Industries AS” carries product promotion campaign via mass media and Latvian and Estonian retail chain stores. 

The development of the new product was co-funded by the Interreg V-A Estonia-Latvia Cross Border Cooperation Program (project number EST-LAT82). 

This article reflects the views of the author. The managing authority of the Interreg V-A Estonia – Latvia programme is not liable for how this information may be used. 

More about the project here.

About the companies 

Mayeri Industries is the largest manufacturer of washing and cleaning products in the Baltic States. The target market for their products is the Nordic region. They believe that the washing and cleaning products can be produced without affecting the natural environment negatively. Mayeri Industries AS has the biggest laundry washing product portfolio with EU Ecolabel in Europe. SIA “Field and Forest” is a certified organic farming company operating since 2005. It cultivates, harvests and processes organic crops, medicinal and aromatic plants. SIA “Field and Forest” is one of the largest organic chamomile growers and producers in the Eastern Europe. The company’s research activities are aimed at increasing genetic diversity of medicinal and aromatic plants, development of new plant cultivation methods and added-value products, as well as collection of traditional knowledge through ethnobotanical expeditions.