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Nr. Est-Lat 128, Herbal Water

Considering the upcoming Climate Change effects on natural resources and welfare, a global market signalizes a growing demand from consumers and policy makers for improved resource efficiency and development of products with natural origin that are made from local ingredients. Therefore, two SMEs – SIA “Field and Forest” from Latvia and “Mayeri Industries” AS from Estonia have joined the strengths to develop new added value products: environmentally friendly liquid household cleaning and personal care products based on herbal water that acts as a natural fragrance.

The organic herbal water will be developed from locally grown plants (e.g. camomile, calendula, peppermint, lemon balm, spruce, pine and others). They will be used to replace the synthetic chemicals that are heavily used in liquid household cleaning and personal care products, thus reducing harmful impact on the environment and creating a real added value products.

The project aims to develop market-ready products, as well as meet the product market demand within and outside Latvia and Estonia. Therefore, it brings together two largest businesses of their kind within the project area: the household product producer (Mayeri) and the organic MAP grower (Field and Forest). The partners will benefit from mutual learning, extended cooperation network, increased capacity of cross-border collaboration, and deeper understanding of the Estonian and Latvian market and business culture.


The main objective of the project is to join partners’ knowledge, experience and other resources to develop a new product – environmentally friendly liquid household cleaning and personal care products based on herbal water that acts as a natural fragrance.


  1. Product development.  It will include industrial research and experimental development. Industrial research will be used to acquire new knowledge and skills required for the development of the joint products. Experimental development will prototype, pilot, test and validate the new product in real-life operating conditions and will result in the production of one test batch of each liquid cleaning household products and one test batch of personal care product;
  2. Marketing activities. Development of marketing strategy and materials to spread the word about the new products, generate product demand and ensure appropriate product positioning.

Project implementation:
1st of August 2019 – 31st of May 2021.

Project partners: Mayeri Industries AS (Estonia) and SIA “Field and Forest” (Latvia).

Funded by: the European Regional Development Fund, Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A – Estonia – Latvia and project partners.

The total funding: EUR 492 083.15, of which the ERDF co-funding amounts to EUR 337 257.72.

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